Advisory Board Responsibilities

Holding the Vision

Our parish school offers a completely faithful Catholic education using a classical model and seeks to assist students to encounter Christ and pursue excellence in all things. The first responsibility of the advisory board is to offer advice to help the school maintain faithfulness to this mission.

Advising the Pastor and Principal

This is an advisory board, not a governing board. The Pastor, under the bishop, is the governing authority for the school. He hires the principal who oversees all day to day affairs of the school and implements approved policies.

Areas of input include:

  • Ensuring fidelity to the school’s Catholic identity and mission
  • This body also serves the function of the school Finance committee assisting in monitoring and advising in areas of the school’s finances (budget, salary scale, tuition, facilities).
  • Assisting in fundraising, public relations and development.
  • Assisting in long range strategic planning.
  • Responding to or proposing policies not covered by the Diocese of Venice
  • Reflecting major concerns of parents or the community.
  • Publicly supporting the school.

Areas beyond the role of the advisory board include:

  • Day to day operations of the school, especially specific discipline cases.
  • Evaluation, supervision, hiring or firing of personnel.
  • Curriculum design and development.
  • Final policy decisions or budget decisions.


The Advisory Board usually meets Quarterly (August, November, February and May). Other meetings can be called as needed by the Pastor in consultation with the principal. Meetings are not public, the principal or pastor can invite guests whom they determine may assist in providing further guidance.

Current Members:

  • Fr. David Vidal (ex-officio as Pastor)
  • Dr. Dan Guernsey (ex-officio as Principal)
  • Mr. Phil Kelly (Parent)
  • Mrs. Judy Tamisiea (Parish Member, Parish Council Member)
  • Dr. Joe Trabbic (Parent, Ave Maria University Professor)
  • Mr. Nico Herrera (Parent)

Members may serve up to two three year terms. New members are nominated by the advisory board.