Senior Theses Presentations will be Monday, May 22nd, through Thursday, May 25th, AMU Lecture Hall

Every night, the presentations will begin at 7pm and allot 30 minutes to each speaker. Please note that each talk is about 15-20 minutes with 10-15 minutes of question/answer from the audience. All are welcome to attend and pose questions (civilly and with due respect to the students and school). There is usually a 10- minute break after the second or third talk.

Families and children are encouraged to attend with their parents, as this event highlights the goal and end of the Donahue education. Below, please find the schedule:
Monday, May 22nd
1. Andrew Scanlan, The Government’s Role in Education
2. Jimmy DeLiso, The Morality of Animal Experimentation and Cloning
3. Elias Allan, The Tariff of Abominations

Tuesday, May 23rd
1. Nicolas Chaparro, Finding a Remedy for Terrorism
2. Valerie Gazzera, Predestination: Were you Meant to Hear this Talk?
3. Joe Gawron, Are eSports Real Sports?

Wednesday, May 24th
1. Randy Beidelschies, The Morality of Protest
2. SkyLyn Munoz, The Ethics of Terminating Palliative Care
3. Drew Monterosso, Who has the Ultimate Authority: The Catholic Church or Scripture?

Thursday, May 25th
1. Thomas Donohue, America’s Immigration Problem
2. Justin Herrera, Posting Threatening Lyrics on Facebook: Is the Danger Real?
3. Sean Doman, Digital Realism: Are Video Games Harmful to Children?
4. Izzy Crum, Shakespeare: Playwright or Plagiarist?


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