thesisAs the culminating academic event of a their education, Donahue Academy’s Seniors are required to prepare, present and defend a thesis. Thesis Talks will be Monday, May 23rd, through Thursday, May 26th in the AMU Lecture Hall, beginning at 7pm each night (schedule below).

Please note that each talk is about 15-20 minutes with 10-15 minutes of question/answer from the audience. All are welcome to attend and pose questions (civilly and with due respect to the students and school). There is usually a 10- minute break after the second or third talk.

Also, please be aware that some presentations deal with mature themes that would be inappropriate for younger children. In particular, this year, the talks on feminism (Aponte), Obergefell (Altomari), birth control (Altomare), and, possibly, Islamic violence (Allan) contain elements that would be unsuitable to younger audiences. Nevertheless, most of the talks are accessible to younger audiences, and children are encouraged to attend with their parents.

Monday, May 23rd

1. Dominic Allan, “Is Islam a Violent Religion?”
2. Jake Carletta, “Can Athletic Excellence be Predicted?”
3. Mariana Aponte, “Has Feminism Led Women Away from Femininity?”
4. Claire Buzzanca, “Is Female Direct Combat Licit?”
5. Charles Joseph Smith, “Should We Terraform Mars?”

Tuesday, May 24th

1. Augie Diodati, “Should Baseball Use Sabermetrics?”
2. Maria Fox, “Is Fetal Surgery Ethical?”
3. Hannah Gomez, ‘When is Contemporary Dance Beautiful?”
4. Monica Williams, “Did SCOTUS Abuse Power is Roe v. Wade?”
5. Ashlinn Lupien, “What is the Cause of the Current Climate Change?”

Wednesday, May 25th

1. Maylen Rodriguez, “Are Gender Neutral Pronouns Acceptable?”
2. Domine Clemons, “Are Recent Educational Reforms Beneficial?”
3. Maria Camilla, “Does Art Influence Child Development?”
4. Anthony Altomari, “Was Obergefell v. Hodges Constitutional?”
5. Mark Scheck, “Dust or Monkeys: Which Did God Use in Creating Man?”

Thursday, May 26th

1. Christina Ledesma, “What is the Best Way to End Poverty?”
2. Victor Velasquez, “Is Banning Guns Morally Licit?”
3. Rose Altomare, “Is Birth Control Safe?”
4. Thomas Dauphinais, “Can We Solve the Student Loan Crisis?”

We’re proud of all the work these students have put into their theses. We hope to see you there to see the fruits of these labors! We will also be live-streaming the presentations on our website for your convenience.


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