Sacred Music Program for Catholic Students

Donahue Academy’s music program spans the entire 12 year educational career for our students. From learning the basics of rhythm to singing in our polyphonic choir, students develop their musical talents as part of our Catholic, classical curriculum.

The goals for all music courses at Donahue Academy are:

  • To explore truth, beauty, and goodness in music
  • To learn how to be musically expressive – to communicate feelings and ideas through music
  • To create live musical experiences, individually and as an ensemble
  • To learn proper instrumental technique, especially with the voice
  • To speak and think critically about music
  • To develop aesthetic values about pieces or styles based on their inherent musical concepts

Music from the Sacred Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church serves as the focus of the program. Appreciation of classical music also will be fostered through exposure. By the end of their musical training at Donahue Academy, students will have been exposed to ear training and sight-reading skills that will help increase musicianship and will be able to identify and demonstrate:

  • Proper posture and breathing in relation to the making of music
  • Proper vocal technique and vocal health
  • Theoretical and historical concepts in music

Our High School Choir normally sings at our All School Daily Mass every Friday. In the Spring, they perform a public concert for all to hear. Below is the 2022 Spring Concert, showcasing our students’ marvelous talent and the rising stars in our 6th Grade Choir.