“This Sacred Council of the Church earnestly entreats pastors and all the faithful to spare no sacrifice in helping Catholic schools fulfill their function in a continually more perfect way.”
Vatican II

Need-based financial aid is available for qualifying families. Aid is available from the State of Florida and the Parish.

State Aid

The State of Florida helped pioneer school choice and has very generous scholarship programs for those attending private schools.

  • The best known state tuition aid program is the Step Up for Students Scholarship. This K-12th need-based scholarship is adjusted based on family size and income. The exact numbers fluctuate yearly, but large families earning over $200,000 can still qualify. You can apply for the scholarship directly on their site.
  • The AAA Scholarship Foundation is a state funded scholarship for families with economic need. This scholarship has different qualifications and awards different amounts than the Step Up for Students Scholarship. Please visit their website to see if you may qualify and to apply.

If you are having trouble applying for either of the above state aid programs, please contact our admissions department and we can help you through the process.

Parish Aid

For those who do not qualify for state financial aid, the school is able to offer some financial aid thanks to the generosity of donors. Those requesting private aid from school and parish donations must create a FACTS Grant and Aid account to begin the aid application process. Priority and consideration for aid from Ave Maria parish goes to families registered with the parish.

Please let the Admissions Coordinator know in advance if you are applying for Parish Aid

This is the same FACTS company we use process tuition payments. They process both our tuition payments and our scholarships. Internally, these two services are handled separately and Grant and Aid applicants must create a FACTS Grant and Aid account in addition to their FACTS Tuition payment account). Per Diocesan policy, we are unable to offer any local aid until this Grant and Aid process has been completed.

When creating your FACTS Grant and Aid account, remember that even if your children already attend Donahue Academy, you count as a New User for FACTS Grant and Aid and thus need to Create an Account.

If you need assistance, please contact FACTS Parent Customer Service at 866-441-4637.