Why Latin?

*Donahue Students average over 200 points higher on the SAT than the national average

Why Latin at the Donahue Academy?

  • 60% of English words are derived from Latin and 90% of English words consisting of more than two syllables come from Latin.
  • Students of Latin earn higher college GPA’s.
  • Assists in the development of excellent grammatical, writing and reading skills.
  • Assists in the development of the brain and its discipline, structure and abstraction.
  • Assists in the acquisition of the many Romance languages which have come from it.
  • Improves the knowledge of ancient histories and cultures and allows direct access to key documents of the western world.
  • Helps students stand out and impress college admissions officers.
    • When asked what he thinks when he sees Latin on a high school transcript, Michael C. Behnke, Vice President for Enrollment at University of Chicago, said, “This student is likely to be disciplined, have a strong basis for further learning, [and] be a little more creative toward intellectual pursuits than most.”

98% of Donahue students continue on to the colleges of their choice including Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, the University of Florida and Ave Maria; our alumni are currently graduate students at Michigan Law, Georgetown Law, and University of Florida Medical School.