Catholic Education

 The Donahue Academy is a leader in Catholic education. Our school’s leadership has been instrumental in articulating and promoting the principles of Catholic identity on a national level. These five principles are the elements the Church expects to find in all Catholic schools and which distinguish them from other schools. The principles are derived from Church documents related to education, including the documents of Vatican II, documents from the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education, and the writings of various Popes.

The Donahue Academy fully exemplifies each of these key principles:

First, Catholic schools are inspired by a divine mission. All educational efforts are part of the Church’s mission of salvation and evangelization for the good of each student and the good of society.

Second, Catholic schools model Christian communion. Students are formed for relationship with God and with others in love and in service. All instruction is in fidelity with Catholic teaching.

Third, they are places where students encounter Christ in prayer, scripture and sacrament.

Fourth, they are places that integrally form students’ intellectual, spiritual, moral and physical dimensions.

Fifth, they seek to seek to impart a Christian view of the world, humanity, life, culture and of history, ordering the whole of human culture to the news of salvation and the unity of all knowledge.


Why Donahue Academy?

We get Catholic education - as intended by the Church in ALL of its fullness and promise! We know where we are going and what we are about as a Catholic School.