Why Study Latin at the Donahue Academy?
The Donahue Academy requires the study of Latin in grades 7,8,9, and 10 because:

60% of English words are derived from Latin and 90% of English words consisting of more than two syllables come from Latin.

Assists in the development of excellent grammatical, writing and reading skills.

Assists in the development of the brain and its discipline, structure and abstraction.

Assists in acquisition of the many Romance languages which have come from it.

Improves the knowledge of ancient histories and cultures and allows direct access to key documents of the western world.

High school students learning Latin have consistently earned better SAT scores than their peers studying other foreign languages, and similar trends have been documented for the ACT, too.
Students of Latin earn higher college GPA’s.

Helps students stand out and impress college admissions officers.

When asked what he thinks when he sees Latin on a high school transcript, Michael C. Behnke, Vice President for Enrollment at University of Chicago, said, “This student is likely to be disciplined, have a strong basis for further learning, [and] be a little more creative toward intellectual pursuits than most.”

Donahue students typically score about two hundred points above the local and national norms on the SAT. Class of 2018 Average is 1250.