Graduation Requirements

Given the high value we place on academics and the ability of our students, all courses are taught at what is widely considered an honors level, whether or not they are formally designated as such.  Designated honors courses are weighted .5, as are Florida Department of Education level three classes. We do not offer AP classes.  Students are required to follow a scripted curriculum scope and sequence, with any deviations approved in advance by the administration. The integrated and intensive nature of our curriculum precludes the option of electives. Students advancing from our middle school have taken first and second year Latin and so take a third year of Latin as freshmen and a fourth year as sophomores. Seniors are required to write, present, and defend a senior thesis before the faculty and parents. Completion of our complete and integrated course sequence more than satisfies the minimum graduation requirements to meet accreditation standards, which are:

 English  4 Credits
 Theology  4 Credits
 Mathematics  4 Credits
 Science  3 Credits
 Social Studies  3 Credits
 World Language  2 Credits
 Health/Fitness  1 Credits
 Fine Arts  1 Credits
 General Credits  2 Credits

Total Required (min. GPA of 2.00) 24 Credits. We use a standard 10 point grade scale.

  • English I-IV (Honors)
  • World history (Honors)
  • Western civilization (Honors)
  • European history (Honors)
  • American history (Honors)
  • US Government (Honors)
  • Economics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics (with Honors option)
  • Advanced Science Topics
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2/Precalculus
  • Precalculus/Calculus
  • Calculus (Honors)
  • Statistics (with Honors/AP option)
  • Theology 1: Creed
  • Theology 2: Sacraments
  • Theology 3: Morality/Life Skills
  • Theology 4: Prayer/Apologetics
  • Rhetoric
  • Fine Arts Appreciation
  • Logic
  • Physical Education
  • Studio Art
  • Music
  • Latin I-IV
  • Spanish I-II
  • Shakespeare (in-depth study)
  • Shakespeare (in performance)