Students Create Medieval Art

April 14, 2023
Watercolor based on illuminated manuscripts of the Book of Kells

For the last few weeks, students in Mrs. Borjon’s art classes have been immersing themselves in of the study of medieval art, from sculpture, to manuscript illumination, to metal embossing, to engineering schematics and needlepoint.  The art was primarily focused on the Eucharist and gave students the opportunity to express through art their faith and the love of the sacrifice of the Mass and Jesus’s sacrifice for each of them.

Third grade students made small framed sculptures of the Eucharist, including a description of their art and what inspired them in creating it. One student, Manuela Fajardo, wrote, “I love God because he made us and he loves us. My art is the Eucharist.” Another student wrote, “My art was inspired by Mrs. Borjon. It is amazing to be a Catholic.”  Students in several classes studied the Book of Kells, its history and how it was created, from both practical (the vellum was made from animal skins) and artistic viewpoints (e.g., how gold leaf and ink was created and used). Students used the Book of Kells as inspiration to make various works of art including their own versions of illuminated manuscripts, embossed metal works, and ceramic low relief sculptures.  Here are some examples of their art pieces: