Farewell, Dr. Guernsey!

April 24, 2023
Dr. Guernsey celebrates his 13 years as Principal with students

The school gathered to celebrate Dr. Guernsey’s 13 years of service as Donahue’s founding Headmaster and Principal.  Tyler Graham, Dean of Academics, recognized Dr. Guernsey’s vision, establishing Donahue’s authentic Catholic and classical model as the pinnacle of education. Dr. Marc Snyder, Vice Principal and soon to be Donahue’s next principal, quoted Matthew 7:24 and said that Donahue was a school built on rock–the rock of the Catholic faith.   Fr. David Vidal offered his gratitude and a blessing as Dr. Guernsey moves on to head AMU’s Leadership in Education program.

Dr. Guernsey said, “A principal makes 300 decisions a day, which over 13 years is a lot of room for error.” He said that he could never have done this job without God’s grace and, in a touching moment, asked the whole school for forgiveness for any times he had failed, especially to be kind or to listen, and he asked the students to please pray for him. He also thanked many, including his wife and school nurse, Lisa, for her unwavering support.

The school enjoyed a video of Dr. Guernsey’s greatest moments, treats and bagpipe music. (It was Dr. Guernsey’s birthday too!).

Thank you, Dr. Guernsey! We love you!