Model Students for a Model UN

September 27, 2022

Last weekend offered an excellent opportunity to understand how successful our parish school is at preparing students to Encounter Christ and Pursue Excellence in All Things. As previously announced, there was both a Model UN Conference and a Cross Country meet on Saturday, September 17th. What you may not know is that many of our students took part in both of these events and several additional activities, as well.

Before school began on Friday morning, our award-winning High School Robotics Team was busy working on their robot and programming in the school’s robotics area. After regular school classes were over, our Model UN Team travelled to Gulf Coast High School to take part in the opening sessions of SharkMUNC VI. Saturday morning was a triple-header for a not-insignificant portion of our team. These students sang the Star Spangled Banner with the school choir to kick off the Ave Invite, ran in the High School 5K and then spent the rest of the day discussing international relations with over 200 other students from the surround area. Several of our students took part in everything: Robotics and SharkMUNC VI on Friday plus Choir, Cross Country, and SharkMUNC VI on Saturday.

Not only were our students busy, they were also very productive. Our High School Boys and Girls, Middle School Boys and Elementary School Girls Cross Country Teams won their meets, Middle School Girls and Elementary School Boys each took second in their meets. The Model UN team earned a pair of Verbal Commendations for Great Work and Skill in Debate for their work in the UNESCO and Security Council sessions.

Also worthy of note is Leo Borjon’s 1st Place finish at the Ave Invite and our 8-Man Football team’s 50-0 win on Friday night.