A Catholic UN?

September 20, 2022

Students from our parish school, Donahue Academy, competed at SharkMUNC VI this week. This Model UN Conference was hosted by the nationally-ranked Gulf Coast High School Model UN Team and included schools from all over Southwest Florida. The theme, “Technology as an Agent of Change,” saw our students debating issues ranging from mitigating weaponized AI to providing humanitarian aid to Afghani civilians.

While this conference required our students to accurately represent and advance the real-world positions of various countries (e.g. Libya), Donahue Academy is hosting a first-of-its-kind Model UN Conference from an exclusively Catholic perspective. AMUMUN, hosted in partnership with Ave Maria University, recasts the UN as a global body working to build toward the common good as understood and taught by the Church. Delegates will still represent specific countries, but will be tasked with finding solutions that are in line with Catholic Social Teaching. This special emphasis is bolstered by the addition of a specific prize for Best Catholic Analysis of issues facing the world today.

Participation in Model UN in general and AMUMUN in particular is one more way Donahue Academy prepares students to Encounter Christ and Pursue Excellence in All Things.