Highest SAT Scores!

July 11, 2022

Our parish school’s Class of 2022 received an average score of 1310 on their SAT and three of them scored above 1500. We were very proud of their high achievement as it appeared to confirm long-standing position as the highest scoring school in the Diocese of Venice, consistently beating the state and national average by well over 100 pointes. Based on data from Private School Review, they earned the highest average score of any in-person Catholic school in Florida and the highest average score of any school in Southwest Florida.

How does Donahue Academy produce such amazing fruit? The answer is evident in our mission: In all things, encountering Christ and pursuing excellence. In our Catholic, classical school, students are educated as a whole person: body, mind and spirit. We embrace our students as the unique children of God they are and bring them across the threshold of Truth so they can embrace and live His Will in every aspect of their life.

Knowing this, it’s really no surprise our students excel academically, athletically, artistically and faithfully.