Middle School Soccer Conference Champions

May 9, 2022

Our Middle School Boys Soccer team just won their conference after a 10-0 season. The team has been Conference Champions every year since 2018 and has only lost one game in the past five years. Way to go, team!

Our Pro-Life Club has also been busy, spending the afternoon of a half-day to give witness in front of the Planned Parenthood in Fort Myers.

The Seniors in our Latin V class put on their Convivium pro Mente. Each student has worked hard in Latin for many years and was excited to share some of the fruits of these studies. The students each delivered a presentation on a Latin passage they had studied, memorized, and explored.  Presentation topics covered a variety of topics as diverse as the Roman Legal System and the Beauty of Language.

This coming Wednesday is our High School Advancement Night, a special occasion to honor our 8th Grade class as they complete their Middle School studies and prepare for the rigorous Classical High School program Donahue Academy offers.