2022 Senior Theses Topics Revealed

May 16, 2022

The culmination of our parish school’s Catholic, classical education is the annual Senior Thesis Defense. The formation of Donahue Academy students is made manifest as they-become-adults in a rigorous encounter with a difficult, relevant question, answered according to principles of right reason and divine truths and defended in public after writing 15+ pages on the topic.

We encourage a large audience to assist in what amounts to a celebration of the transition of our children into adulthood. Be aware some presentations may not be suitable for younger audiences. The thesis titles should make clear whether a child should attend. If you have questions, however, please feel to contact Mr. Graham.

All Presentations will begin at 7:00pm in AMU’s Demetree Auditorium.

Thursday, May 19th

  • Stephen Halisky – Should graphic images be used in pro-life evangelization?
  • Joe Burke – Can the principles of libertarianism be reconciled with Catholic social teaching?
  • Bernadette Hart – When can a Catholic attend an unlawful marriage?
  • Mary Kinnick – How should high school theology be taught?

Friday, May 20th

  • Vance Aubert – Should the government make college education free?
  • Kayla Dang – Whose responsibility does the opioid crisis fall upon: the doctor or the government?
  • Sofia Licheri – Is randomness really random?

Monday, May 23rd

  • Winston Fairchild – Does capitalism cause secularism?
  • Cassie Mathews – Is the Big 5 personality test a valid work of science?
  • Jackie Freeze – What is the proper way to teach that contraceptives are bad?
  • Cameron Millward – What are the ethical limitations of plastic surgery?

Tuesday, May 24th

  • Adam Lenardson – Which is more important in an incarceration system: reform or punishment of the criminal?
  • Maddie Luzarraga – The ethics of glamour.
  • Catherine Graham – When and how should natural family planning be taught?