All Saints Day Mass

November 7, 2021

The students at Donahue Academy, our parish school, celebrated the Feast of All Saints with a special All School, All Saints Mass. Children in grades Pre-K through Third came to Mass dressed as their favorite saint. After Mass had concluded, the costumed children took turns announcing to the assembled students, teachers, parents and visitors which saint they were. Outside of Mass, the celebration included the Fifth grade’s All Saints Field Day with fun games like St. Joan of Arc Capture the Flag and the St. Florian Water Balloon Toss.

Much like the saints they were dressed as and whose virtue they model, Donahue Academy’s students come from a variety of locations and backgrounds and each has their own unique talents. One thing that is the same for all, though, is the preparation they are receiving to encounter Christ and pursue excellence in all things.

Don’t forget Tuesday, November 9th is the second Community & Culture Night in the Donahue Academy Library. Mr. Tyler Graham’s keynote address, “The Road to Freedom,” will focus on the High School / Rhetoric Stage at Donahue Academy and how it is uniquely suited to produce the civil and ecclesial leaders the world needs. The event is free and open to all.