community and culture relaxed

October 3, 2021

As a Catholic, classic academy, our parish school has three distinct educational phases to its K-12 curriculum: Grammar (K-5), Logic (6-8) and Rhetoric (9-12). The classical approach to education is nothing new, though it is definitely a bit of a mystery to many people.

To help our parish family better understand what it means to have our parish school educate using the classical model, Donahue Academy is offering the Community & Culture series. The next event in the series, A Frosty Evening on October 5th, gives parents and parishioners the opportunity to experience the Rhetoric stage firsthand.

The October 5h event focuses on why Donahue Academy studies poetry, featuring a guest seminar by Donahue Academy High School Humanities teacher Tyler Graham and a Robert Frost themed cocktail, The Difference Maker.

If you have not reserved your spot at this evening of socializing, poetry and learning, please contact Rose today to see if we can fit you in.