Catholic and Classical

October 17, 2021

Our parish school is a Catholic, classical school. But what does that actually mean for our students and teachers? Parents who attended the recent “community and culture relaxed” event were able to witness firsthand how Donahue Academy achieves its goal of preparing students to encounter Christ and pursue excellence.

Mr. Graham led the group in a discussion of Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken. Everybody partook in a lively discussion about the poem. Intellectual roads were taken, paths of conversation were trodden and minds were changed through observations and insights supported by the text itself.

As Mr. Graham pointed out, Donahue Academy high school students engage in this kind of critical thinking and idea exchange on a daily basis. These skills serve our students in their personal, spiritual and professional life. Classical education is definitely a road less travelled by, though the benefits to students last for ages.