What Makes Donahue Academy Different?

September 12, 2021

The dream of Ave Maria includes a great Catholic parish with a great Catholic school in a great Catholic community. Families do not move cross country so they can send their children to a Collier County public school. There’s something about Donahue Academy that is integral to the Catholic identity of Ave Maria. But what?

The school recently held its first Community and Culture Night to begin answering that exact question. Those who were able to attend enjoyed a wonderful evening socializing over hors d’oeuvres before listening to presentations by Dr. Guernsey, Mr. Fairchild and the Donahue Academy choir.

Anybody who was not able to attend can watch a recording of the presentations on our school’s website, DonahueAcademy.org. A link to the video is posted on our homepage’s rotating banner.

Here’s what Donahue Academy students have to say about our school:

I like the importance the school gives to our spiritual growth in the faith, opportunities to grow with good friends and the life of the Church.