Donahue Academy Visited by Bishop Dewane

September 5, 2021

Bishop Dewane visited our parish school recently. After celebrating Mass with Donahue Academy, he held a private audience with our eighth grade class. His Excellency reminded them of the important role they play in the school, particularly their responsibility to set an example for the younger grades. After his prepared remarks, the students were able to ask him questions about the Church, his vocation and anything else they wanted to know.

Fun fact: when informed that he was going to be named Bishop of Venice, then-Father Dewane was in Rome and initially thought it was for the Diocese of Venice, Italy!

Here’s what Donahue Academy students have to say about our school and teachers:

The teachers at Donahue make it clear that they care about their students and their futures. They are kind, friendly, understanding and always willing to put time aside for every student to help them when they need it.