SAT Scores Released

September 19, 2021

The Diocese of Venice’s SAT scores outperformed the national average and our parish school led the pack by a long shot.

We are very proud of our scholars’ high test scores but, as Dr. Guernsey remarked at Community and Culture Night, Donahue Academy doesn’t exist to produce high test scores. Our parish has a school because that’s part of the mission of the Church: “Go forth and teach all nations.” Our school exists to educate and produce Saints.

Evidence of that success is found in our students’ reflections on a recent service project:

  • We must serve according to the needs and wants of the ones we serve, not according to how we might wish to serve them.
  • To find joy in the lowliest task on those we came to serve is a holy endeavor.
  • We determined to give it our all even if no one noticed.